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Jeanette E. Zocco MSN, RNC-OB, C-EFMJeanette Zocco MSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM is a leader in perinatal quality and safety with 22 years of experience in obstetrics in the hospital setting as a Registered Nurse and Perinatal Safety Nurse.  She is known for developing innovative perinatal quality and safety programs in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams, and demonstrating improved maternal and neonatal safety outcomes. 

Her areas of expertise include data analysis, quality improvement, patient safety, nursing education, clinical research, medical record chronology preparation, project management, simulation, labor and delivery, and fetal heart monitoring. Some examples of quality improvement initiatives include the following programs: safe reduction in primary cesarean delivery, obstetric hemorrhage safety bundle, shoulder dystocia, sponge accounting system, and team training.  Her experience includes both intrahospital and system level perinatal quality/safety work in a large multi-institutional health care system.  

In addition to inpatient obstetrics and fetal heart monitoring through NCC, she achieved certifications in basic quality and safety from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and in simulation through Drexel University.  

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