Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership

Strong and effective leadership is an essential part of a well-functioning team. Leadership is defined as “ the ability to lead or command a person or group of people….In this simplistic perspective, anyone who leads and facilitates change by speaking up, providing education, role modeling, and/or coaching resulting in changed behavior of an individual or

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Team Meetings

Team Meetings – Structured Communication Events to Increase Patient Safety

What Are Team Meetings? Team Meetings are structured communication events that help to increase patient safety in real-time. They are also referred to as briefings, regularly occurring meetings in which multidisciplinary team members come together to review team roles, the plan of care for all the patients on the unit, highlight any safety concerns, and

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Interdisciplinary medical teams often come together during high-stress, high-stakes situations and are expected to produce positive patient outcomes. This requires a well-functioning team. Debriefing fosters an environment for learning and improving team performance that may better future practice. It allows teams to identify and improve gaps in care processes, potentially mitigating future patient harm (Salas

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