Change Management Concept on the Gears

The Dynamics of Change Management

Change is difficult for most people. It often requires moving outside of one’s comfort zone, doing something different, or acquiring new skills. Understanding the dynamics of change management is another necessary leadership skill when implementing quality and safety initiatives. Though there are many different models of change, this article will be focusing on Kurt Lewin’s […]

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The Second Victim

The impact of adverse events can be devastating not only for patients and families but also for the caregivers involved. The first victim refers to the patient, and the second victim (SV) is a term used to describe the emotional impact experienced by caregivers.  Second victims are healthcare providers who are involved in an unanticipated

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Selecting Key Quality Metrics

The scope of quality improvement (QI) work is broad, and narrowing this down involves thoughtful consideration to selecting key quality metrics.  This can be based on evaluating the importance to different stakeholders, financial implications, and prioritization to areas of opportunity identified through benchmarking of data against like size facilities/units. Let’s use, for example, a quality

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Integrating Change to the Bedside

Integrating change to the bedside can be difficult for many reasons including a lack of the following resources to effectively drive change: quality support staff, data, leadership, time, adequate mentoring, knowledge of quality improvement (QI) techniques, and a culture that does not support change. The culture piece includes hanging on to old practices because of

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