Quality Improvement

Change Management Concept on the Gears

The Dynamics of Change Management

Change is difficult for most people. It often requires moving outside of one’s comfort zone, doing something different, or acquiring new skills. Understanding the dynamics of change management is another necessary leadership skill when implementing quality and safety initiatives. Though there are many different models of change, this article will be focusing on Kurt Lewin’s …

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Project management

Challenges Involved with Quality and Safety Implementation and Sustainability

When integrating change into practice, it’s important to understand the challenges involved with quality and safety implementation and sustainability. This will allow for adequate planning and preparation.  This is the second article in a series describing challenges encountered in this area, and it highlights lack of upper-level support, project fatigue, inadequate personnel, and competing priorities. …

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Process improvement - six sigma

Six Sigma

What is Six Sigma? Six Sigma is a quality improvement model originally developed by Motorola in 1985. The goal of Six Sigma is twofold: find and remove defects in processes, and develop processes that are carried out the same way each and every time in order to decrease variation. Sigma is defined as standard deviation. …

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Old classic vintage car model at Toyota museum Nagoya, Japan


There are several different improvement models that can be used to guide quality improvement and safety efforts in healthcare. This article focuses on the Lean approach. History Henry Ford was one of the first individuals to apply some of the basic principles of Lean to Ford manufacturing in the early twentieth century. He did this …

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